There is no stopping to tell you the benefits of drinking water everyday. The average amount of water to be consumed everyday should be around 2-3 liters, or 6-8 glasses. In case you have a more active lifestyle or work in the sun, then you need to up this intake. Also, eating fresh fruits and vegetables that contain water also helps with reducing the risk of cancer. This is because the toxins are washed out and all your organs are replenished and any acidic residue is also cleansed on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to load up on H2O everyday as much as possible.


The properties that are inherent in green leafy vegetables help with fighting cancer cells. Green veggies are alkaline and cancer cells are acidic, so  having an alkaline environment within your system will keep diseases at bay. Also, chlorophyll, the property that gives leaves their color helps fighting diseases as it helps the body absorb more oxygen. Try eating salads during meals at least 5 times a day. Not only does this help with weight loss, it also keeps you energetic for a longer time in the day.


There are many cancer ridden patients who were not aware that they were victims of the disease until it was too late. Going for regular check ups helps with determining a small cell cluster that could turn cancerous. If you feel a lump inside you, urine color changes, there are certain pains, or there are darkish spots and lesions on the surface of your skin, approach a medical expert as soon as possible. A malignant tumor can be cured much faster than if the clump turns cancerous and dangerous, slowly spreading to other areas of your body.


The frequencies that come out of your cell phone are dangerous to the brain with prolonged use. Do not talk or use your phone if you are charging it as at this time the signal is the most intense. Since the evolution of cell phones and other electronics is just recent, there hasn’t been much research or case studies, but there are more and more patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and it was linked to more electronic equipment use.


Why is a person fat? This is because they consume more than the body can digest and they do not indulge in activities that help burn the extra energy that is then transferred to fat. If this storage stays for a long time, some of the cells may start to decay and become cancerous. Also, the body is forced to work overtime to digest the additional food being consumed, so it cannot fight the cancerous cells from growing and spreading. By eating healthy, you kill two birds with one stone – you reduce weight and also avoid the risk of getting cancer.

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