There is no telling the benefits of exercising on a regular basis to help reduce major diseases. From diabetes to heart disease to something major like a life-threatening stroke, keeping an active lifestyle goes a long way in helping to live a happy, lengthy life. Strokes mostly come without a warning. They attack suddenly and fast and it may take a while for medical emergency units to reach before the stroke causes long-time effects, including death. By exercising, you reduce weight which helps your body function better and you also help oxygen and blow flow to go more smoothly, thus minimizing the risk of getting a stroke.


Those who have regular headaches in a particular region, migraines and are sometimes blinded by pain in the head should go visit a doctor as soon as possible. These are signs of triggers that could cause a stroke. When there are clots in the brain, it stops the flow from reaching other regions in the body and causes pressure in one particular region, that leads to a sudden stroke. If the clot is not threatening, then you will need to take blood thinning medication, but if it is severe, surgery might need to be conducted. To avoid this, go to a doctor and find out what your risk is.


This may sound weird because what does a dentist have to do with a stroke? The miracle of science and your body is that in case you have heart disease or the risk of a stroke, symptoms will be found in your mouth in the form of swollen or bleeding gums, collection of plaque, etc. The health of your teeth plays an important role in determining the risk of strokes for a patient.


There are little to no diseases that affect a patient without some sign or symptom that comes as a warning. Observing the way your body is working is key in determining the risk of whether you will attract a stroke or not. As said earlier, migraines, headaches, sudden blackouts, going blind in one eye, your heart unnecessarily pumping fast, shortness of breath, etc. are all signs that you may be the victim of a stroke.


As everyone may tell you, quit smoking! This is good advice. Nothing great comes from puffing and allowing smoke to enter your lungs. Smoking causes a number of diseases, especially of the lung and heart. With coronary heart disease comes the added risk of attracting a stroke. Yes, it may be difficult to cut the habit overnight, but try reducing as much as possible or use smoking alternatives that will help you stop smoking much faster.

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