Any goal, whether big or small, begins by having a clear vision and setting a target. When it comes to cholesterol, you need a distinct amount of weight to be lost and a timeframe. Every day, look at whether you have made any progress and how much longer you need to push. Setting targets will help you achieve the goal and not feel discouraged as you regularly keep a track of everything that is going on.


Cholesterol is not necessarily about being fat. Your levels may be high if you are eating unhealthy, junk food regularly. When you go for a check up to a certified medical practitioner, you are given a guide to whether the levels are appropriate or too high. Then your doctor will let you know by how much you need to reduce and how. Those who have high cholesterol levels could be given pills and tablets that will help them bring down the level. Otherwise, you can just start slowly changing your lifestyle to someone who is more active, eating healthy and living with minimum stress levels.

There are a lot of diseases, including cholesterol that are linked to stress. In the olden days, people did not suffer from diseases like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and other life threatening problems because stress levels were at a minimum. Daily deadlines and pressure from personal and professional fields are causing people to not live like they should. The timings of consumption of food have changed, people don’t take time to relax and don’t get proper sleep because they keep using their phones and computers to keep up to social and work related stuff. Meditating and going for regular massages will help reduce stress. Also, cut out those activities that don’t really have a purpose in your life before you over-commit.


It is widely known that the more sleep you get, the better it is for your body to rejuvenate. During the time that you sleep, the temperature of your body reduces whatever damage has been done through the day will be repaired overnight. The average time of night sleep is 6-8 hours. Also, try sleeping in a darkened room or cover your eyes completely because the body releases serotonin during this time that helps in body processes. Try to switch off all electronic devices at least an hour before sleeping. Doing a little can go a long way with regard to your health.

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