QUIT SMOKING – This is an obvious first point. There actually isn’t anything good that comes out of getting smoke into your system. Apart from alleviating an addiction, it doesn’t benefit you in any other way. What it does however, is double the risk for heart disease! If you want a healthy pumper and are a smoker, you need to kick the butt ASAP.

EXERCISE – Unlike smoking, exercise has only good benefits for you. When you keep yourself active, you improve chances of an overall healthy lifestyle and also minimizes the risk of heart disease. The best part however, is the strength and prolonged energy you will get in participating in an activity regularly. You can start with a brisk walk and indulge in other fun activities like playing a sport so that you do not necessarily feel the burn of a full-blown workout.

EAT HEALTHY – Food is the primary source of nutrients that your heart needs to function at top level. When you eat fat or junk foods, you will notice a considerable problem in your chest with prolonged consumption. However, when you choose fresh fruits and vegetables that contain little to no fat, you improve the capacity of the heart to function better.

KEEP CALM – Another way to reduce the risk of heart disease is to control anger and other emotions that could cause high blood pressure. If your heart beats at faster speeds regularly, it could cause a problem with blood flow and add unnecessary pressure to your heart. By meditating or finding other creative avenues to express your anger, you help your heart stay healthy.

GO FOR CHECK UPS – As you grow older, your body needs to be taken care of because it doesn’t function any longer like it used to. Visiting a medical practitioner regularly and getting checked will reduce surprise attacks in case your heart is not functioning like it should. You will then receive the appropriate medication and advice that you need for health.

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